Sunday, August 18, 2013

MY 2M Station

I thought I would post my 2M station details.

I have owned the FT-225RD for a number of years. Its been quite modified but nothing that can't be reversed. These include

  • Mutek front end
  • Separate RX port 
  • External Amphenol relay for RX/TX switching
  • The microphone includes a home brew compressor to  improve performance slightly
  • Mods to quieten sideband noise of the VCO
  • External PTT sequencing to protect the relay contacts from the...
  • Tokyo Hy-power HL350Vdx which is a courtesy addition for those hard to reach DL and HB stations
The IC-202S is a recent nostalgic purchase. This was the first transceiver I owned back in the 70s and I remember the fun working GW for the first time HI HI. It had some "Issues" but their mainly sorted now. 

Tune up yielded 5 Watts once I adjusted the 2M band pass filter correctly (Bypassed on RX). The ALC works well throttling it back to 3 watts but I did notice some overshoot...

I plan to fit rechargeable batteries and take it portable. See you on 2m SSB?