Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Waifs and Strays

You come across some strange descriptions in the ham radio section of eBay. Some must be strays. But I guess some descriptions enable us to quickly sort out whether it’s a non ham selling something.

  • “RF power reducer” – Yes sir, that would be… an attenuator?
  • “PL259 9mm-10 PIECES - HIGH QUALITY - BROWN INSULATOR” - Obviously superior to the cheaper PTFE versions?
  • “Ham Radio” -Well that narrows it down.
  • “MARCONI RC690 Ex Police Radio - No longer in service” - The radio or the police?
  • “Ex Police Radio removed from Police Volvo T5.” - Aren’t they still looking for it?
  • “HAM INTERNATIONAL CONCORDE II PLUS EXTRAS EWO RADIO 10M” - are you sure? Oh look 80 channels!
  • “CO-AX CONNECTOR (FEMALE) X 5. SOLDERLESS!” -Yes , we all use Belling Lee to achieve  our quality coax connections
  • “QRP / Radio CRYSTALS” - no good I only run QRO.
  • “Morse Code MouseMat”  - Just in case you need reminding?
  • “Bird Wattmeter Element, 1 Watt, 200 to 300 Mhz” – covering so many ham bands in Europe.
  • “ANTIQUE MORSE KEY - MADE IN BLACK PLASTIC TYPE MATERIAL, INSCRIBED HI-MOUND, MADE IN TOKYO”- I believe that "black plastic type material" is in fact black plastic. I think we can date that for you.

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