Saturday, January 21, 2012

The FT-1907R UHF Mobile

I  recently started looking for a UHF transceiver for the shack. I know its easy enough to buy something like the FT-8900 but I have separate antennas for each band & I really wanted something I could leave running. 

I thought Alinco were about the only company left selling single band UHF transceivers until I discovered the FT-1907R.
 As you can see its a companion to the FT-1900 2M transceiver from Yaesu.

I found a Greek company selling this on eBay which surprised me as its not listed on the Yaesu dot com site. Either way it was quite a reasonable price and delivery was quick.

Initial testing showed that it did provide 55 watts output as specified and on the air was reasonably sensitive. I'm sure that if this gets to the states we can rely on the ARRL to put it through its paces so I won't go further into testing as my facilities are limited.

Transmit and receive runs from 400 - 470 Mhz continuous.

At the heart of the The PA stage is Mitsubishi RF Mosfet module capable of 60 watts

I found that like the FT-1900 this gets quite warm during extended transmit so I will publish a fan modification in my next post.

 As its a UHF rig an N-type connector would have been a nice addition. This was quickly fixed.

The rig comes with the usual Yaesu accessories (Even the sticky Yaesu label). I found the user guide listed on the Yaesu Russian site but strangely its only mention is on a brochure where it says Asian market only

I'm not sure why its not more widely available; maybe its early days or maybe Yaesu are trying to protect sales of their multi band transceivers in Europe and North America?