Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A word on fraud

It would appear someone is using my name and call G3VZL to advertise equipment and then defrauding purchasers. I'm not the first this has happened to or the last.

If you ever see an advertisement with my call only those with my email G8UBJ.IO91UJ(at) GMAIL.COM is a valid advertisement. BTW I very rarely advertise and if I do I invite viewing/testing at my QTH!

Unfortunately this sort of thing will happen and so long as people are stupid enough to -
1 Set up a website without sufficient security checking at registration

If you see an advertisement for Ham radio equipment check the seller is valid through another site like QRZ.COM and LOTW

Do not send money, please report this to the authorities.

VY 73 Rex G8UBJ


Blogger Unknown said...

I am happy I found this post.

73 de LY1H

7:45 AM  

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