Monday, March 15, 2010

A budget LCR meter

It seemed to good to be true, but so far the LCR meter I bought on eBay appears to have been excellent value at only £12.98 (including delivery!!!) - Yes you heard me right!

I have been looking to buy an LCR meter for some time. One use I intended for it was to replace the variable capacitors in my HB9CV antennas with fixed capacitors (Made of PTFE coax). that only requires a comparison but being able to measure is always a plus point!

Having placed my order on eBbay I awaited delivery. The eBay shop was in HK so I wasn't expecting fast delivery. It arrived within the week which was very quick and costing only £12.98 (including delivery)it didn't attract VAT or import duty.

I have added some shots of the unit which came with battery included.
All the instructions are in Chineese (maybe I should get them translated) although its pretty self explanatory.

The meter came with a set of leads which I decided against using. Instead I purchased some croc clips and mounted them on some old 4mm posts.. that gave me a nice set of short leads and an easy way to secure components whilst testing.

It seems reasonably accurate across the range but I'm a bit skeptical about the 2000Mohm range (I don't think I have a 2KMeg ohm resistor to test it....).

It even has an internal lamp for the display!

If you want a cheap and cheerful LCR meter this seems as good as any other. I will do some further testing and comparison at the local club....

Oh yes it comes with a transistor tester as well.


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